SR-12 Landslide Repair Update Wednesday, March 14, 2017

Contractor W.W. Clyde is on board and arrived early to help alleviate pressure on the vertical slope (south side of the road).  The temporary pavement toward the north along with the removal of the south side of the road at the head of the scarp area appears to have relieved stress and helped us to keep the single lane alternating traffic going with a safe buffer.


A geotechnical design team worked through the weekend based upon the limited subsurface data we’ve been able to obtain to date producing several potential stabilization approaches.  UDOT also mobilized a temporary bridge which we do not anticipate using unless mother nature throws us a major curve ball.


Emergency services should continue to plan on one-way traffic for several weeks.  The contractor will conduct stabilization construction simultaneous with continuing geotechnical investigation as we work to beat the tourist traffic increase.  I’ll touch base with our resident engineer today regarding direct contractor communication with emergency services.


Priorities might be generally summarized as follows.  1.  Maintain safety.  2. continue stabilization and maintain passage.  3.  restore 2-way travel  4.  permanent structural solution.


We’ve been fortunate thus far to keep this from becoming a major tourist concern and appreciate everyone’s efforts in that regard.

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