SR-12 Landslide Repair Update Friday, March 24, 2017

Stabilization efforts are in full swing at the site of a landslide that claimed a portion of SR-12 between Bryce Canyon City and Tropic.  The Utah Transportation Commission approved a transfer of pavement funds a week ago in St. George to continue our efforts to restore travel lanes in each direction and keep communities connected.


The contractor has installed more than 80 soil nails and also drilled to locate bedrock.  Geotechnical exploration will continue and earthwork is ongoing.  In accordance with the UDOT procurement contract to expedite repairs, original stabilization designs may be modified as the contractor continues work to accommodate a permanent design solution.


Quick repair and preventative measures by UDOT maintenance crews and our partnering suppliers followed by an immediate mobilization from the contractor allowed us to keep a lane of passage through the area without losing the entire road width.  These efforts appear to be working as we have not seen any additional movement and we continue to learn the subsurface complexities.  We do continue monitoring 24-hours-a-day and are very appreciative of motorists respect for each other and those in the work zone.


We are still weeks away from a two-lane solution and recognize tourism traffic will increase.  UDOT has other repair and preservation work scheduled for SR-12 this season and is very sensitive to keeping tourist plans on track.  As we award these projects and learn the various contractor schedules we will coordinate our public information services on this corridor to assist in your seasonal efforts and solicit your help in communicating to those most directly affected.


UDOT maintains basic public information pages for all our projects on our main webpage under the “Projects and Studies” tab.  Our current project is located under the hyperlink “S.R. 12 near Bryce Canyon National Park”  Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

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