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Bryce Canyon Airlines & Helicopters at Ruby's Inn
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Take a Helicopter Tour or an Airplane ride over Bryce Canyon or fly from Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon!

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Scenic Flights To These Destinations
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Grand Canyon National Park
  • Monument Valley
  • Escalante Grand Staircase N.M.
  • Zion National Park
Airplane Photo/Scenic Flights
Bryce Canyon Airlines

  • Bryce - Grand Canyon - 3 Hours
  • Monument Valley - 2.5 Hours (non-stop) Grand Staircase/Lake Powell
  • Bryce/Zion - 1.5 Hours (non-stop)
  • Bryce Canyon - 35 Minutes
  • Bryce/Monument/Grand - 4 Hours (land in Page AZ for a break)
Bryce Canyon Scenic Flights
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Fly the Black and Red Canyons "Our Most Unique Flight"

Experience the hidden beauty created by volcanic activity and erosion. Dramatic cathedrals enhanced with liken, ash and iron oxide stand majestically among the red hills, copper ore formations and stately trees of the forest. Take a trip into a whole other realm. Truly one of the hidden wonders of the west. These unique features can only be seen by air.

Helicopter Photo/Scenic Flights
Bryce Canyon Helicopters, the Best way to see Bryce, we fly low, slow and up close.

  • Fairyland Boad Mesa, Sinking Ship, Tower Natural Bridge, Large Cliffs, and Fairyland Canyon Deluxe
  • Deluxe Bristle Cone Point, Fault Line and many inaccessible areas
  • Encounter - Our most popular flight Rainbow Point, Natural Bridge, Dramatic Cliffs, Formations, Series of Waterfalls (in season) and Vistas not seen from any viewpoint.
  • Full Canyon - Fly all of Bryce Canyon then proceed to the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. Descend into Bull Valley Gorge, which begins as a 6-inch crack in the earth and deepens to 1,000 feet - enjoy spectacular wind caves and more. Continue to Paria Ghost Town, an Old West movie set, an Indian ruin, an extinct geyser field, waterfalls (in season) and much, much more! This is our most spectacular flight.
Regional Charters
Destination Time (r/t)
Page AZ 1.6 hours
Cedar City UT 1.6 hours
St. George UT 2.0 hours
Las Vegas NV 4.0 hours
Salt Lake City UT 4.0 hours

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Flying from Ruby's Inn Heliport since 1977

All flights are narrated and offer breathtaking photography. No wasted flight time. Helicopter / Airplane - Scenic / Charter flights available, F.A.A. certified air carrier. All Flights require a 2 fare Minimum.

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