Our Sustainable Tourism Initiative

Ruby’s Inn Resort have been serving visitors to Bryce Canyon National Park since 1916. Bryce Canyon has only been a national park unit since 1923; so if you do the math, we have been taking care of the canyon longer the the park service has. The fact that Bryce Canyon National Park is as good as, or better, to visit today that it was 100 years ago, is a source of pride for us.

As stewards of the land and area, we have taken many initiatives to help give bak and ensure that Bryce Canyon National Park will stay here in it's pristine state for future generations to enjoy.

Giving Back To The Park-Dollar Donation Program


When you stay at one of our hotels, you can give back to the National Park.  In 2003, we began a very innovative program to give back to the park by partnering with the Bryce Canyon Association to add $1 to each night of a guest’s stay.

What does this money do? 

It would surprise you to learn how underfunded many parts of our national parks are.  One particular area that is underfunded are those programs that impact the visitor experience the most.  Some of the projects that this money has gone to fund include exhibits at the visitor center, telescopes for the free night sky viewing programs, events like the annual astronomy and geology festivals, and many other free to visitor services that help future guests make memories to last a lifetime.

Largest Provider of Electric Vehicle Charging the Bryce Area

For some time Ruby's Inn has been the largest provider of Electric Vehicle Charging stations for visitors to the Bryce Canyon area.  Feel confident that if you drive your EV to Bryce, you can find a place to charge it with us at Ruby's Inn.

Most Energy Efficient Hot Water Technology Available

Have you ever thought about how much energy it takes just to heat hot water for a resort with 700 hotel rooms, an RV Park and Campground, Multiple Restaurants and other services? It takes a lot.

A few years ago, we decided to do something about it.

Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan

Bryce Canyon National Park is located at the top of the Pansagaunt Plateau.  Since water flows downhill and away from us, we have to try and be as careful with our water usage as possible.

Our climate is classified as an “Alpine Desert”, meaning most of our annual precipitation comes in the winter in the form of snow, and through sparse storms during our short summer monsoon season.

Here are some measures that we are taking in our Water Conservation Program:

Linen/Towel Reuse Program

If you don’t want new towels each day, hang them up and we won’t give you new ones.  Also, during your stay your sheets will only be replaced every three days unless you request them to be changed.  These small changes have helped us save lots of water and energy.

Natural Landscaping

Here at Ruby's Inn, we utilize as much natural landscaping as possible.  The natural grasses, trees and bushes that are common to the area don't use much water and we try to keep them in as many places as possible.

Waste Water Reuse

Did you know that Ruby’s Inn began as a ranch?  To this day, we still have a lot of four legged mouths to feed. To help with that, we grow alfalfa and other grasses not far from the hustle and bustle of the hotels. To make our water go even further, we utilize natural processes to treat our wastewater to be safe for farming uses. Our four legged friends eat almost as well as our guests do because of this.

State of the Art Systems

All of our processes, whether it be dishwashing, laundry or other water intensive processes, utilize the latest and most advanced technology to minimize water usage.

Electricity Usage Plan

Whether it is the latest in LED lighting, heating and A/C systems, or other types of appliances, we continue to upgrade and embrace the latest and most efficient systems to reduce our electrical consumption.

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