Ruby’s Inn Winter Festival

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The Bryce Canyon Winter Festival has something for everyone. There will be Free clinics, demos and tours. Events may be subject to change due to snow and weather conditions, but the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival will be held regardless of snow conditions.

Activities Include:

    • Cross Country Ski Tours
    • Kayaking Demos
    • Snow Sculpture Contest
    • Snowshoe Tours and Races
    • Waxing Clinics
    • People-powered Sled Race
    • Archery Clinic
    • Photography Clinics
    • Kids Snow Boot Races
    • Ski Archery Competition
    • Photo Contest
    • Entertainment

NEW EVENT: Bryce Canyon: Past and Future-from a geologic perspective. Presenter- Paul Anderson. During this class, you’ll look back into the geologic past at the varied landscapes of the Bryce Canyon area, explore how the present scene evolved, and peek into what the canyon will look like into the future. Paul Anderson is a professional geologist and spent his 40-year career working in Utah, including teaching field geology in central Utah. He is a co-editor of the book “Geology of Utah’s Parks and Monuments.” first published in 2000. He is also a long-time winter visitor to the area.


Sunday, February 18, 2018



Ski archery competition takes place on Sunday and the Cross Country ski races on Monday. If you would like to participate with us this year or would like more information, Call: (435) 834-5341 or 1-866-866-6616.

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Evening Balloon Glow

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Pilots                                           Balloon Name


Sally and Tom Bartsch Arizona Dawn
Kent Barnes BelleStar
Gene Clewley Genes Dream
Phil & Sally Heinrich Patience
Josh Lewis Czech It Out
Ken Tocker Jelly Bean


Guest Speaker

Ben Behunin has been a full-time potter since 1996 and is also the author of nine books including his est-selling series, The Niederbipp Trilogy. Ben and his wife, Lynnette, are the parents of two teens, Isaac and Eve. The Behunins live in Salt Lake City, just inches away from his whimsical studio, Wild Rooster Artworks. As an avid Sasquatch enthusiast, Ben, along with the acclaimed photographer, Harry von Lederhosen, were recently commissioned by the International Conference of United Sasquatches For Creativity, or I.C.U.S.F.C. to create a book to help people overcome the creative scarcity that has been plaguing individuals and households since the dawn of the digital era. Ben will be discussing this book along with the theories and practices of the International Sasquatch Seductions Society, (I.S.S.S.). An evening that will surely jump start your creativity!

 Sunday, February 18, 2018


Red Canyon Conference Rooms

​Ruby’s Inn is set to host its 33rd annual Bryce Canyon Winter Festival, which will be held President’s Day weekend, Feb. 17-19. The event will feature several free and paid family-friendly clinics, demos, tours and activities, including a balloon glow after dark—an activity that was introduced at last year’s festival.
“One reason we hold the Winter Festival is to provide opportunities for visitors to enjoy the beautiful
winterland of Bryce Canyon Country,” Deanna Moore, Winter Festival director at Ruby’s Inn, said. “The festival is a great yearly tradition that has seen a lot of success—it not only gives our guests dozens of great activities to participate in, but also showcases the unique winter scenery of Bryce Canyon.”
“We’ve had several people ask if we are still having the festival with the low amount of snow, but I tell
them that 90 percent of our activities are not dependent on weather, so plan on coming.” Moore said.
Some of the outdoor activities included in the three-day festival schedule are cross country ski tours,
archery clinics, snowshoe tours and ski clinics. In addition, the festival highlights several indoor activities for those looking to stay out of the cold. These activities include photography clinics, dance instruction, pottery making, photo contest, crafts for kids, kayaking demos, watercolor painting, cookie decorating and family history clinics.
Adventurers will also find several other activities at the Winter Festival. A complete schedule of event
activities can be found here. “We want everyone who attends to feel like they have plenty to do,” Moore said. “The various activities ensure that kids, teenagers and adults will all be entertained.”
Aside from the activities available at the Winter Festival, Ruby’s Inn also provides additional adventures that are available all winter long. These activities include outdoor ice skating, horse-drawn sleigh rides, horseback riding and cross-country skiing.
Depending on weather conditions, events at the Winter Festival are subject to change; however, the
event will still be held regardless of snow levels. Those wishing to sign up for competitions or who are



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