Our 3- Year Renovation Project

We, as Ruby’s Inn, have been involved in a 3 year- renovation project beginning in 2013. I know what you’re thinking. 3 YEARS??? We have a large property and a long list of necessary changes. We have witnessed some amazing upgrades throughout our property. We want to share our changes with each of you. Let’s give you a tour of our property.


Ruby’s Inn Main Lobby

IMG_1900-150x150 3 Year Renovation 3 Year Renovation 1



Bathrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Bathrooms 4 Bathrooms 5 Bathrooms 6 Bathrooms 7 Bathrooms 8 Bathrooms 9


New Entry Walkway into the Cowboy Buffet and Steak Room

Cowboy Buffet Cowboy Buffet 2 Cowboy Buffet 3


Conference Centers

Conference Centers IMG_2245 IMG_2246 IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2249


Guest Laundry

IMG_0415 IMG_0416


Guest Rooms

Bathroom Remodel Bathroom2 IMG_3917 IMG_3925 King Suite king-bed-hotel-room-byrce TV & Fridge Two Queens Family Suite King Bedroom Family Suite Seating Family Suite TV Handicap Bathtub


Ruby’s Inn Indoor Swimming Pool & Spa

Swimming Pool Pool Seating


Fitness Center

IMG_3885 IMG_3886 IMG_3888 IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3892


Come experience these renovations for yourself TODAY!




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