Riggs Spring Trail-Temporary Closure

I’ve decided we need to close the Riggs Spring Loop trail due to the Riggs Fire. The fire grew to 136 acres as of yesterday. Interestingly, it grew away from the park. The fire covers 25 acres on the park; the remaining 111 acres on Forest Service. It is moving at the moment due east towards BLM land. The Incident Command (managed by the Forest Service) will be bringing in the BLM to our fire decision process today. That said, it is about 1/10th of a mile from the Riggs Spring trail. It will eventually hit the trail in the next day or so. We cut off overnight use yesterday and today we are closing it for all use. We have ordered a Fire Information Officer who should be here by tomorrow to help us with communications. In the meantime, the park has posted trail closure signs and we will put a copy of the sign and message on Facebook.


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