Fire Restrictions Eased In Some Areas of SW Utah

Cedar City, Utah — Due to lower fire danger in Southwest Utah, fire managers with the State of Utah, US Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and National Park Service have relaxed fire restrictions. Beginning on July 19th, the restriction on campfires will be eased, allowing campfires in designated areas as well as operating time restrictions on chainsaws and other motorized equipment. Agencies that govern fire use are citing weather as the primary factor in the decision. Recent rainfall and expected monsoonal moisture have reduced the threat of wild-land fires.


While the risk is lower, officials are urging the public to continue to use caution when using fire. The potential for wildfire is still present and campfires are a major cause. More than two-thirds of all wildfires statewide have resulted from human activity.


“People like to have campfires, it goes along with camping,” says Southwest Area Fire Management Officer, Mike Melton. “People do need to be careful; a little common sense goes a long way when you’re dealing with fire in the wild-land.”


The restrictions have not been eased on lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management in Utah.


Fire restrictions in state parks and incorporated city areas vary by location, check with local officials.


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