Cross Country Skiing

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do the cross country skiing at Bryce Canyon, Utah. I don’t own a pair of skis, but that wasn’t a problem, Rubys Inn has plenty to rent out to anyone. The workers there were very nice and helpful; they gave me a map so that I wouldn’t get lost, because knowing me I would. When I first set out on my journey, it was pretty hard to get the hang of it at the beginning. I kept losing my balance, however when I finally got use to it, it was a wonderful experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Right outside of Rubys they have groomed trails that go out to the rim of Bryce; they also have trails that interconnect with some of the ungroomed trails in Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce Canyon also “purposely” doesn’t plow some of the roads to the lookout points, so that you can ski out to those points. The views were unreal, the red rock amphitheater gleamed beneath a coat of white, and everything looked so surreal; the blanket of slushy snow dampens the trills of nature. I was expecting quite a few people to be out on the trails and overlooking Bryce, but to my surprise the usual crowds of visitors were gone, leaving you with a sense of solitary quiet in this monumental area. If you haven’t already been skiing in this area, I would highly recommend it to anyone that goes to the Bryce Canyon area during the winter.

-Bryce Canyon Girl.. XOXO

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